Commercial / Office Cleaning

Commercial & Office cleaning is one of our expertise. Our professional and reliable cleaners are ensuring your reception, office premises, stairwells, corridors, workshops, employee’s rest room, kitchens, canteens and washroom facilities are maintained at a high standard of cleanliness, hygiene and presentation for all your staff, visitors and customers. With works being undertaken at times that best suit your own operations, whether in the mornings, evenings or throughout the day.

Commercial & Office cleaning is one of our core services and S&T is an established and trusted provider in this field. We manage the services for and on behalf of our clients and our management teams are adept at reviewing work programmes and schedules to maximise efficiencies, exceed the expectations and provide real value for money.

Please do get in touch – We look forward to discussing your Office Cleaning Needs in detail and to offering you our Professional, Reliable and Cost Effective Solution.

Hands on Management

S & T Contracts UK has a relatively simple & small management structure with the managing director team playing an active role in the management and tracking of service quality, customer care and value for money of contracts. Each of our Area is headed up by an Area Supervisor, reporting directly to our Managing Director, and they are responsible for the successful provision of all Areas cleaning within their area and for their team of reliable cleaners.

The Area Supervisors each have their own individual portfolio of customers and manage the day to day delivery of the service, ensuring full staffing and resources, performing on site quality inspections and fulfilling the role of customer liaison and point of contact. Mobile and fully contactable, the Area Supervisors are on the field, cleaning, visiting the cleaning staff on site, providing supervision, training and support and ensuring the service is delivered to specification.

Fully Trained Staff

All S & T Contracts UK operatives whether management or newly recruited staff, receive induction training materials & information, which includes instruction on:

Health and Safety at work
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
The Cleaning Specification and Customer Care

Contract specific and continuous training for our staff is a key responsibility of our management team. The ongoing training of each employee is carried out by our Area Supervisors, who train our employees in accordance with Ideal cleaning standards and in line with the individual site and contract specification. S&T’s approach is centred upon site specific contract control manuals and these form the basis for site training. All sites are issued with an individual Contract Control Manual which details the Specification for the site, method statements and safe Systems of work, training records, quality policies and procedures, risk assessments and all health and safety documentation.

Equipment, Materials & Supplies

S & T Contract UK has its own cleaning division and will always supply the right equipment for the job, from wiping and mopping systems, through various hoover types and models. The equipment will be new and the machines maintained by us, either on-site or in our workshops. All machinery is portable appliance tested and complies with current electricity and work regulations.

We have an innovative approach to the supply of cleaning materials. Environmental protection is one of our basic commitments together with the quality of the products and systems used on-site. We utilise product systems with proven performance both in use and environmental compatibility.

All cleaning products are delivered direct to your site by our cleaners. We use a specialised narrow range of products, which are safe, quick and simple to use. Our daily maintenance range is non-toxic and revolutionary in the industry. Every chemical is backed up with the full health and safety and user information sheets. All sites have the relevant COSHH data and risk assessments included within their contract control manuals. A comprehensive range of washroom and other consumables is always available.

Your commercial space is our responsibility

Once you’ve got in touch with S & T, the first thing we would want to do is to meet with you at your premises to discuss your requirements in detail and undertake a thorough and free site inspection. It is important to us to fully understand your specific requirements and any circumstances or issues that might be of particular importance, or peculiar to your premises, sector or industry, so that we can tailor our service to meet your specific needs. Perhaps in the past standards have been an issue, or there has been a problem with staff attendance or retention or a lack of effective supervision, or the time of day the cleaning was being performed was not a good fit with your working times and business. We will take these factors into account and target these improvement areas.